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Jayla's Mommy
5 months ago

I purchased Isabella Birthday book & necklace set for my daughter Jayla's birthday. She turned the big 7 and is a pretty good reader, so I buy lots of books to keep her reading. This birthday book is really cute and overall my daughter loved her gifts. One thing I like about Honey Bells and Spice is the positive image of family they encourage. I will continue to support this brand because I agree with what it represents!

10 months ago

My daughter Joy is 5 years old and she loves Honey Bells and Spice Adventure Stories and their Youtube Videos. She's always wanting to come in the kitchen with me to make food. I love how she's now interested in helping me, it's our mother daughter bonding time for me. I must add how much I love their skin care products. My skin is so soft like butter and I am liking it. I've also ordered my daughter the Sand Jewelry set and it's the only jewelry my daughter wears. Thanks Honey Bells and Spice! Keep up the good work!

Unique Moore
2 years ago

This is a good book and my lil brother loves it and we like how it say something about the gift from the last story how she were looking for it.

2 years ago

i love it

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