Written by LaTanya Wilks

Illustrated by Christina Rudenko

L e t' s  P a r t y !

Dedicated to my little love Isabella,

To your brothers Reggie, Ryan and Aaron.

It was Saturday morning, and the sun was peeking through the pink curtains in Isabella's bedroom window.

It was the day of her best friend, Sara's birthday tea party.


There was a big Ring! Ring! Ring!

The alarm clock sounded. It woke Isabella, and she stretched her arms in the air yawning.


She pulled back her pink and white blanket, wiggling her perfectly pink polished toes as she does this. Isabella jumped out of bed and shouted,


"Today is going to be the best day ever!"

Isabella loved having tea and cookies with Sara.

They would dress up in fluffy dresses, pretending to be royal princesses.

She thought about the fun they would have together that she got so excited and started singing.

"Oh, I can't wait. No, I can't wait. I am going to a party today.“




What should I wear today?

Should I wear my pink and purple dress with my purple shoes?

Maybe my pink and yellow dress with my yellow shoes?

I know what I should wear!

Sara's favorite color is blue, and my favorite color is pink

so, I will wear my pink and blue dress with my pink shoes.


Isabella was so excited about Sara's Birthday Tea Party as she

started singing again.


"Oh, I can't wait, No I can't wait. Going to a party today”.

Got to get dressed, going to a party today!

After Isabella got dressed, she brushed her hair neatly into a ponytail and tied a pink ribbon around it.


I know the perfect accessories that would go perfectly with what I'm wearing today.

She opened her jewelry box, looking for her pink heart necklace,


"Oh, here it is!"


“Now, where is the blue heart necklace I bought as Sara's birthday gift?”


Isabella turned her jewelry box upside down.

All sorts of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces fell out and landed on the floor.


She kneeled down and continued searching for Sara's birthday present, but it was not in the jewelry box.


"Oh No, I think I lost it! Said Isabella".


“Oh my, my, my I think I lost Sara's birthday present." panicked Isabella.

She looked under her bed, but it was not there.

"Where could it be?"

She ripped the blanket from her bed and shook it, but it was not there.

Where could it be? thought Isabella.


She looked in her dollhouse thinking it would be there, she pulled out all her dolls, doll clothes and dollhouse furniture searching for the necklace, but it was not there.


"Where could it be?" wondered Isabella.

She looked in her closet hoping it would be there, throwing tee shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses all over the closet but it was not there.


Where could it be? Worried Isabella.

Where could it be?

Isabella searched in her toy box for the missing necklace.

Where could it be?


She dug her hand deep into the toy box slinging teddy bears, pompoms, building blocks, play balls, and puzzle pieces flew everywhere,

but it was not there.


Where could it be? Whined Isabella.

Isabella became frustrated and started to jump up and down punching her fist in the air.


She was now angry and feeling discouraged within herself.


If I sit here for a little while, maybe I could think harder than before and remember where I put the necklace.

Come out necklace and stop hiding from me!

Isabella sat on the floor crossing her legs into a Criss- Cross Applesauce position.


She placed her hands on her temples massaging them gently, as she sat thinking about her next move.


Where to look?

Where should I look?

Where am I going to look next?

The bookshelf, I will check the bookshelf!


She checked the bookshelf slowly and carefully removing every book from each shelf, but it was not there.


"Where could it be?", Said Isabella.


She looked under her fuzzy pink rug that laid in the middle of her bedroom floor, but it was not there.


"Where could it be?", Cried, Isabella.

Are you here on the bookshelf?

She looked just about everywhere for the unique necklace she had bought for her best friend, Sara, but she could not find it anywhere.


Isabella flopped down on her yellow bag filled with jelly beans and cried; I have looked everywhere,

where could it be?


I'm going to get in so much trouble because my room is a complete mess and I still couldn't find the necklace.


Isabella put a lot of thought and hard work into finding and buying the perfect gift.

She was sad and disappointed, for saving a month's allowance to buy the necklace.


She moaned and groaned and questioned herself.

"How could I lose something so beautiful?


I washed dishes, walked the dog, cleaned my room, and took out the trash all for nothing!

I worked hard to earn the money for Sara’s birthday gift!

As she cried and complained, Isabella's mom Lilly walked by the door. She could see and hear Isabella crying and talking to herself.


“Isabella, what is the matter, my sweet girl?

Isabella explained "I am such an irresponsible person mom, and I am a horrible best friend too!


I think Sara should ban me from being her friend because if she does, I would deserve it.”


Isabella went on and on about friendship, and her mom listened to every word until she was done expressing her feelings.


“Isabella, you are not a horrible friend, and as a matter of fact, you're an amazing, kind, unselfish, and loving friend.


You worked the hardest you've ever worked, and you spent all your earnings on a friend.

I’m a horrible best friend mommy.

You shouldn't be sad because you are a very responsible girl and I must confess about the necklace.


I don't want you to worry or to get upset, but I want you to know that…and as Isabella's mom began to confess to her about what happened to the necklace.


Isabella's eyes opened bigger and bigger, and then her forehead dripped sweat.


She was nervous, and she didn't know what her mom was going to say so she crossed her fingers behind her back praying that whatever her mom had to confess would be good.


“Isabella, I took the necklace to have it wrapped in a special blue gift wrap for when you give it to Sara,” said Isabella’s mom.

Isabella looked right into her mother's eyes, and her frown turned into an instant smile.


“Oh, mom, you took the necklace, and I didn't lose it? “That is correct my darling,” said her mom.

Oh, I can’t wait. No, I can’t wait, I am going to Sara’s TEA PARTY TODAY!

Isabella was happy her mom took the necklace, and that she didn't lose it, she gathered her things and ran outside to the car.


“Come on mom and don't forget the gift I have a tea party to get to in a hurry ma’am.”


Isabella's mom shook her head and smiled at her.

She was delighted she helped turn her daughter's frown into a smile; then she went to get the gift.


On the ride to Sara's house, Isabella was smiling, singing and playing around, and she wasn't sad anymore. She was happy, upbeat and anxious to see who all would be at the party.


“Mom” Called Isabella.

“I can't control my happiness; my face is starting to hurt.” “Well, you have been smiling since we left home.


Why don't you calm down just a little my dear?

Save most of your energy for the party. Isabella's mom suggested.

“You are right mom. I'll save all my energy for the party.”

Isabella and her Mom arrive at Sara’s house.


"We're here. We're here," Shouted Isabella.


She quickly grabbed the perfectly wrapped gift and came out from the car; she went running to Sara's backyard.


Sara could see Isabella running towards her.


She ran to Isabella and greeted her friend with a great warm hug.


"Happy Birthday Sara!" Screamed Isabella.


I know you want to wait until the party is over to open all your presents, but I have had the worst day ever, and I think you should open mine now so that it wouldn't get lost.”


Sara agreed and ripped the blue raping paper off the small box.

She opened the box and her mouth opened in amazement.


Sara was surprised by how beautiful the necklace was.


She reached to hug Isabella once again.


"Oh, wow this is Awesome!"


"I love it Isabella!" shouted Sara.


Isabella put the necklace around Sara's neck, and it was a perfect fit.


“Would you like to have some tea?” Asked Sara


“Yes, of course, I would like a cup of tea best friend.”

"Shall I lead the way?" Asked Sara

Isabella excitedly shouted


“Yes! Lead the way."


They both smiled at each other and went off to have some tea.


The End!

Bye -bye, see you soon!

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