Making Christmas Crafts With Bella

MeRrY ChRiStMaS FrOm My FaMiLy

Christmas Crafts Contest Winners of 2020

🏆 Meet 9 year old Christmas Craft Contest Winner Xavier.

Xavier created his own unique Christmas ornaments. 

🎄Fun Fact: Xavier is from Baton Rouge Louisiana and one of his favorite things to do is run.

Thank You Xavier 🏆

🏆 Meet 2 year old Christmas Crafts Contest Winner Khloe.

Khloe created her own unique little Christmas Tree. 

🎄Fun Fact: Khloe is from Memphis, Tn and she loves to sing.

Thank You Khloe 🏆

🏆 Meet 12 year old Christmas Crafts Contest Winner Makayla

Makayla created her own unique mask & Gingerbread Man 

🎄Fun Fact: Makayla likes to dance & make YouTube videos.

Thank You Makayla 🏆