A Day At The Beach Photo Gallery

A Day At The Beach Coming November 1, 2020 ! ! !

"Sunshades protect my eyes from the sun and they make me look cool."

"A Sun Hat helps protect my hair from the sun."

"A perfectly sunny day for the beach." "Lifeguards are driving by because they help keep us safe at the beach. "The beach is a very fun place to go but it can also be dangerous." "There is a lot of water and strangers all around us, therefore, we must not go anywhere without an adult."

"Mommy & Me."

"Going To The Beach Is The Best With Cousins?" "The Best"!!!

"My Cousin Khloe Is Enjoying A Nice Cold Drink On A Hot Summer Day At The Beach."

"It's Bury My Brother In The Sand Time" !!!

"Sometimes The Cool Rushing Water At The Ocean Shore Can Be A Little Scary At First. The Moving Waves Caused The Sand To Move From Under My Feet. I Lose My Balance A Little, Only To Stumble In Mommy's Arms."