Making Memories With My Family On The  Beach

Dedicated to: The Wilks, Shepards, Lewis, Mays & Smith Families





 It was a perfect sunny day when Mom said

we were going to the beach today.

I stopped coloring the Unicorn in my coloring book and dashed

into the kitchen.

Mom was preparing sandwiches, candy, juices and bottled


She packed them into the picnic basket.

“Mom, did you say we’re going to the beach today?” Asked


“Yes, we are going to the beach today, and you should go get


“Make sure to gather the things you want to bring along and

pack them into your beach bag,” Mom said.

"Today is going to be the best day ever! We're going to the beach"!


I ran to my room as fast as my feet could take me and found

my beach bag under my bed.


I know exactly what you're thinking.

 What’s a beach bag doing under my bed?


Well, I was looking for my best friend Sarah’s birthday gift for

her birthday party, and a lot of the things in my bedroom were

misplaced, but I'm sure I'll find everything I need.


 I put on my favorite unicorn bathing suit and began to fill my

beach bag with a couple of things to protect me from the sun.

I packed my blue sunshades to protect my eyes, and they make

me look cool.

I packed sunscreen to protect my beautiful brown skin, a sun

hat to protect my hair, flipflops to keep my feet cool on the hot

sand and a chapstick to protect my lips.

"Do I look cool or what?"





 I continued to fill my beach bag with sand toys, a picnic

blanket, a beach towel, and a change of clothes when it’s time

to leave the beach.


Now that I’ve packed almost everything I’ll need for the beach, I

will go and collect my new kite from my next-door neighbor Maria.


Maria and I used to be good friends, but we’re not anymore.


I stopped talking to her after she broke my kite but

promised to buy me a new one.

"I'm so excited to go to the beach but Maria better have my new kite"!



 Ring, ring, the doorbell chimed.


“Hello, Mrs. Lopez, I’m here to visit Maria,” Isabella said.


“Maria is in the backyard, playing in her tree house. Would you


like to join her?” Asked Mrs. Lopez.


“Well, my family and I are going to the beach today.


“I just stopped by to pick up my kite,” Isabella answered.


“Sure, follow me, I’ll take you to Maria,” Mrs. Lopez said.

"Mrs. Lopez is always so nice."




“What a surprise it is to see you here, Isabella?


I haven’t seen you in over a week!” 

“I am happy to see you, Isabella, but I know you're not as happy

to see me,”  Maria said excitedly.


“I am only here for my kite.

You promised you would buy me a new one after you broke the

kite I let you borrow two weeks ago,” Isabella said.


She rolled her eyes, turned up her lip, then folded her arms angrily.”


“Before I give you your new kite, I want to apologize, Isabella; it

was an accident, and I didn’t mean to break it.

"Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes every now and then."




We used to be friends, and I miss having you around.

 Here is your new kite, Isabella.

It has your favorite: Blotzy, The Hero Unicorn and everything,” said Maria.

“Wow, Blotzy, The Hero Unicorn!

This is awesome, Maria, it’s even better than the kite I had before.”

Isabella hugged Maria and apologized.

“Can you forgive me, Maria, for being so silly and not talking to

you over something as simple as a kite?”


“Our friendship is more important than simple things that can

be replaced,” said Isabella.


Maria forgave Isabella, and they agreed to be friends again.

"The bible says to be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, as in Christ God forgives us."




After I picked up my new kite from Maria's house, I hurried back

home just in time.


Mom & Dad were loading the car with all the special things we

were taking to the beach with us.



Mom stopped and sprayed my arms and legs with sunscreen

lotion, then we all got in the car, put on our sunshades and

headed to the beach.



“Oh, I can't wait to get there! My cousins will be there,” said


"We're totally the coolest and we know it"!




 When we arrived at the beach, my cousins, Marissa and

Makayla, were already there.

We jumped up and down, waving our hands at each other from

afar, then Mommy and Daddy took my hand and off we went to

greet them.

Now that we’re all together, we found a cozy spot on the sand

to set up.

Mom laid the picnic blanket on top of the sand and put the

picnic basket and beach bags on top of it.

Daddy unfolded the beach chairs, placing a large beach umbrella in the sand.

It hung over the beach chairs, providing shade from the hot sun.

Daddy and Mommy are going to sit there and relax while I build

sandcastles with Marissa and Makayla.

"Lets go have some fun in the sun"!


Here are 7 steps for building a sandcastle.


Step 1:

To build a sandcastle, you must move close to the shoreline, as that’s where the sand and the water meet.


Step 2:

After you find the perfect spot close to the shoreline, make a big pile of sand like a mountain.


Step 3:

Add lots of water to your mountain that you made of sand and let it drain for about a minute or so.


Step 4:

  Once the water has drained, you can start building the bottom of your sandcastle by pressing the sand tightly together as hard as you can.

Make sure it is strong enough and will not crumble into pieces when you add more sand on top of it.

"Don't panic! You've got this sandcastle building thing under control."



Step 5:

Now it is time to use your imagination and start shaping your sandcastle.

Shape the walls to your castle, gather sand and make whatever shape you would like and smooth the outside using your hands. 

Step: 6

To make towers for your sandcastle, gather sand with your shovel and pack it into your sand bucket tightly, filling the bucket to the top.


After filling the bucket, turn the bucket upside down and place it on top of the mountain of sand that you’ve already shaped with your hands.

Lift the bucket to form the shape of a tower.

Step: 7

Remember to have fun, fun, fun while building your sandcastle. It is all about your imagination, and you can build whatever you want.

"You did great! Your sandcastle is AWESOME"!




Now that our sandcastle is all done, it is time for a little


Me, Marissa and Makayla lined up in a straight row; we are

going to race kites.


Who will make it to the lifeguard the quickest without their kite

falling out of the sky?” Asked Isabella.


 “My Dinosaurs kite is going to beat your kite,” Marissa

challenged Isabella and Makayla.


“Not true, my unicorn kite is going to beat both of your kites,”

shouted Isabella.


“Shh, both of you, be quiet and let your kite do the winning,” said

Makayla as she started the countdown. 




"On your mark! Get set! GO”!

"I've got this!  I've got this!  I'm going to win!  I'm going to win"!



Isabella, Marissa and Makayla took off like a lightning bolt.

Isabella’s kite flew high in the sky and her hair flowed through

the wind.


Suddenly, Isabella tripped on a flip flop lying in the sand.

She tumbled into a ball like a hamster on a wheel.


Marissa ran closely behind her; she had no time to stop.

She screamed, “Oh, Nooo!”

Marissa fell over Isabella’s foot.


Makayla tried to avoid falling and attempted to jump over them

both, but her foot hit the top of Marissa’s kite, and she came

tumbling down like humpy dumpty.


Isabella looked at Makayla,

and Makayla looked at Marissa, and they laughed the loudest

laugh you’ve ever heard.




The girls brushed themselves off, and as they giggled about the fall,

Isabella’s Mom came with the first aid kit.


“Is everyone alright?” She asked.


“Yes, we’re alright, Mom.

“I have a small scratch on my leg, but it doesn’t hurt,” Isabella


Isabella’s Mom rubbed cream on her leg and put a band on it.

“All done,” said Isabella’s Mom.


“Can we go to the water now?” Asked Isabella.

“Yes, you may, but let's all go together.”


I grabbed Marissa and Makayla’s hands, and together, we ran to

the water, and Mom followed.


"I love how mom always take good care of me."



We stood at the shoreline and watched the crystal-clear water;

it washed over our feet and returned into the flow of the ocean.


Our feet began to sink in the sand, and we lost our balance a



We grabbed each other's hands to balance ourselves, but we all

fell into the water.


I splashed Mommy with the water, and Mommy splashed me back.

Mommy splashed Daddy, and Marissa splashed Makayla.


We all splashed one another.


“This is so much fun,” said Isabella.




It is getting late, and I know we must leave soon, so I shoveled

seashells into my bucket to take home with me.


As I shoveled the seashells, I looked up at all the beautiful

family and friends on the beach.


Some were playing beach ball, playing fetch with their dogs,

flying kites, surfing in the water, eating a snack, building

sandcastles, and laughing with one another.


The beach is a cool place to go, but it's even better to make

memories with the ones you love.



The End...

"I Love My Family And My Family Loves Me"!